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1 Day Repairs for Saeco


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We repair Saeco, Jura, Lavazza, Delonghi, and so much more
  1. Saeco
    Saeco Certified Technician is the difference!
  2. Jura
    Super automatic machines is the convenient truth about the coffee industry We're just here to keep the coffee flowing
  3. Lavazza
    Easy, clean and Italy's Favorite Coffee
  4. Delonghi
    High quality and easy to use
Coffee Equipment Repair Services
Certified Coffee Equipment Technicians
  1. Repairing
    Even with the most stringent maintenance routine, repairs are a necessary part of coffee equipment ownership.
  2. Parts
    Wanna do it yourself? We're here to encourage! The more comfortable you feel with your machine, the better the cup.
  3. Strict Rules of Repair and Testing
    We clear through a 27 point inspection and a minimum of 5 hour bench test for all machines.
  4. Maintenance
    Maybe just a few o-rings or gaskets and a good descale is all your machine needs to keep making your perfect cup.
  5. Convenient Hours
    We're here in the shop 6 days a week, so feel free to stop by when you're in town.
  6. You
    You are the reason we can continue to do what we love. Thank you.
How Does It Work?
Please feel free to call or email regarding any questions about machine repair types, packing, shipping, procedure or anything at all.
  1. 1
    Give us a ring to make sure that we repair your specific machine make and model
    (786) 223-8121
  2. 2
    Pack & Ship
    Use packing material that will ensure safety of your machine. Ship to: Fast Espresso Machine Repair 777 NW 72nd Ave STE 1047 Miami, FL 33126
    Pack Her Safely
  3. 3
    Transaction #
    We call you with a transaction number. You can pay safely and securely with Paypal right on our website.
  4. 4
    Your baby will be shipped back to you safely. Please take a moment to phone us and tell us how happy you are.
    She's coming Home
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Fast Espresso Machine Repair
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